Storage Tips

New to Storage Unit Use?

Here are some tips and recommendations on maximizing your unit.

Rent the Smallest Space

Don’t overdo it. Get the smallest unit size and pack it fully before moving to a bigger one.

Get Packing Materials

Gather all packing materials, including tape, boxes, noodles, foam, peanuts, paper, towels, and more.

Use Uniform-Sized Boxes

A trick of the trade is to invest in uniform-sized boxes that will fit seamlessly together.

Create an Inventory

Track everything. Keep track of all your items through a list on your phone or in a safe place at home or work.

Prepare the Unit Area

Before loading items in, place protective sheets on the floor of your unit.

Keep Your Unit Dry

Ensure that your belongings are placed on 2×4 boards or pallets to minimize exposure to moisture from the concrete floor.

Organize by Need

Always place things you’ll need frequently in front.

Exercise Caution and Safety

Do not keep flammable or flammable substances such as paint thinner, gasoline, paints, or solvents, among others.

Arrange Units by Accessibility

Arrange your unit to leave space to navigate and access all areas as needed. Free up an aisle in the center if possible.

Stack All Your Items

Keep heavier boxes on the bottom and stack lighter boxes on top.

Use Sturdy Boxes

Always use high-quality storage boxes or cardboard boxes that will retain structure.

List Contents on Each Box

Seal your boxes, label and number them, listing contents on all four sides.

Wrap Your Belongings

Wrap all delicate items such as China, glass, and porcelain dishes in paper and protective materials.

Label Fragile Items

Always label fragile items clearly and visibly, storing them on top at the very end.

Utilize Extra Spaces

Place smaller items in drawers and cabinets in your furniture items to maximize space utilization.

Store Electronics Safely

Disconnect and store all electronics at the back of your unit to prevent damage.

Utilize Space in Large Appliances

Place blankets, towels, and even clothes inside large appliances.

Group Items Together

Group different items, such as garden tools and kitchen items, together. Use boxes, empty trash cans, bins, and more.


Remove Legs from Furniture Items

Break down furniture with removable legs to save more space in your unit.

Storing Sofas and Loveseats

Save space by storing these items in the back and wrapping cushions in plastic to prevent waste of space.

Placing Sharp or Heavy Objects

Don’t place sharp or heavy objects on upholstered items to prevent lumps, bumps, marks, and damage.


Prop mattresses up straight to ensure that they don’t lose shape or form.

Metal Items

Ensure all metal items such as bikes, tools, and furniture are wiped down with machine oil to minimize rusting.

Stuffed Furniture

Protect stuffed furniture against dust using cardboard, blankets, or sheets.

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